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Monday, June 13, 2011

Sweet Bee Buzzings - Sew Along - Got Mine Cut Out

So, how far have you gotten on the Sew Along Project over at Sweet Bee Buzzings? I got mine cut out on Saturday but didn't have time to do any more. We had a party last night and I had tons of other things I needed to do.

I checked in at Sweet Bee this morning and there was a post explaining that there was an error in the pattern. Here's the post with the adjustments, be sure to read it before you start sewing, preferably before you cut. At first I got a bit tense but then read on and found that it's totally fixable even if you've already cut out the pattern, which I had. So if you're just getting started or if you already cut it out, be sure to check this post for the adjustments.

I thought I'd talk a little about my method of cutting out this pattern. I'm making the large bag.

I worked with the lining fabric first. I first cut my loop straps by measuring 4-1/2" and cutting cross-grain (long-grain runs with the selvage and cross-grain is perpendicular to the selvage). That gave me one piece that was 4-1/2" x 44". Then I cut that down to three 14" pieces. The pattern called for four 4-1/2" x 14" pieces so I ended up cutting the last one from elsewhere.

I then cut the shoulder straps in the same manner.  I had to make two cross-grain cuts getting two 4-1/2" x 44" strips and then cut those down to 32".

Next I took the remainder of the fabric and opened it up so it would lay flat out in a single layer with no fold. It's easiest to do this on a big table or if you're young or flexible (not like me), you can do it on the floor. Then fold the fabric pulling the selvages toward the crease where the middle fold was. Your folds will run parallel with the selvage. You only have to fold over enough so that you can lay your pattern on the fold and have it fit on the folded part of the fabric. Fold both selvages toward the middle crease and you will now have two folds to use for cutting instead of one in the same length of fabric. In between the two selvages you will have a single layer of fabric you can use for other pieces like the pockets, straps etc.

I went one step further and folded the fabric again in the middle. That allowed me to cut both pieces needed at the same time.

I then cut the zip pocket and the other loop strap utilizing the piece that was between the selvages after doing my two folds above. I had plenty of fabric.

I followed the same steps with the main (exterior) fabric only cutting what was needed per the instructions (no straps). Then the interfacing pieces.

Since there was a lot of interfacing to cut as well, and working four different sets of fabric/interfacing, it probably took me a couple hours to get this done but I'm not real sure, I forgot to time it. Sewing is the one thing I like doing so much that I lose time doing it. It seems like five minutes have gone by but hours will have passed.

I'm so tired tonight that I just might go to bed without sewing (remember, party last night) but I'll be back tomorrow to let you know what I get done tomorrow night.

Until later ~


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