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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Milk Silk Roving For Needle Felting

I ordered roving the other day to use with my needle felting machine. Roving is the term used for fibers before they are made into thread or yarn.

The roving I purchased is milk silk roving. I'm really not sure what that means, I just know I wanted silk as I plan on using it on the flaps of my clutches. Basically, I'm going to make a black silk clutch and do a piece of art for the the flap. I'm not sure what the art will be like yet, but I ordered four books to read through to help me decide!

I bought this roving from a company on Etsy called Greenwood Fiberworks and so far I'm pretty impressed. I ordered on Sunday evening and got my package today - that's pretty fast. They included a nice note and a sample of a different roving they offer. If these purses turn out to be good and they sell, I'll definitely purchase from them again.

The books I ordered haven't arrived yet, normally when I order from Amazon on the weekend the package arrives on Thursday, so I expect them tomorrow. I'm kind of excited.

So you can see what I have planned, look at the cover of the book to the right - my designs won't look exactly like that but I'm hoping they will have the same feel, kind of artsy, but maybe not as busy. See the roving in the design?

As I learn and practice with my new machine I'll keep you updated. There's not much information on the internet about using a needle felting machine and a lot of what is available comes from the U.K. and Australia. I guess we're just catching on here in the U.S. but hopefully I'll be able to create some beautiful artful silk clutch purses to sell on Etsy! I'm so excited!

I won't have much time this weekend to 'play'. We have company coming in from out of town and we're having a party Sunday evening. I'll try to do a little something so I'll have something to post about next week. In the meantime, feel free to comment and ask questions, and I can contribute by comment.

Till later ~


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