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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Interfacing is Fused - Ready to Sew

Fusible side of interfacing on wrong side of fabric
I'm still working on the "Sew Along" over at Sweet Bee Buzzings. Bethany posted instructions yesterday but I didn't get a chance to work on it yesterday. Here's a link to Part 1. I worked for about 1-1/2 hours tonight and got all the interfacing fused to the cut-out pieces, as well as pinning the loop straps and shoulder straps. I'm ready to sew but I'll save that for tomorrow. It's hard to work at my full-time job all day and then spend too many hours sewing - I'm tired!

Bethany didn't say much about using interfacing so I thought I'd fill-in. I just started making purses and even though I've been sewing for years, I didn't know what kind of interfacing to use when I made my first purse. That's where Amy Butler's Style Stitches book was very good. She not only tells you what kind of interfacing to use, she gives you the manufacturer and the stock number so you know you have the right stuff.

After using several kinds of interfacing for both my purses and my Kindle covers, I've learned a lot. For this purse I'm using fusible WOVEN interfacing by Pellon - Shape Flex SF-101. It's 20" wide and when you buy it you'll see that it's not folded in half like the fabrics. I purchased mine at JoAnn's and it's $4.99 a yard.

Woven interfacing is perfect for purses as it's woven like fabric so it moves like fabric. It's not too heavy but gives your fabric a heaviness that purses need. It makes them feel like they have quality without making it stiff.

The fusible fleece I purchased is fusible Pellon Thermolam. Again, JoAnn's and it cost $8.99 a yard, yeah, I know, not cheap. It is 54" wide so it's actually cheaper per square foot than the woven interfacing. Both types of interfacings are essential in making your purse look good.

Hold iron for a 10-count. Press cloth should be dry.
When fusing the interfacing to your cut pieces, use a wet piece of quilting cotton as a press cloth. Place the fusible side of the interfacing to the wrong side of your fabric with the interfacing on top. Place the wet press cloth on top of that. Heat your iron to the hottest steam setting and place it on top of the wet press cloth while you count to 10 slowly. Move the iron to a new spot overlapping the old spot, count to 10, repeat. When you have gone over the entire piece, turn it over and press it on the right side of the fabric from the middle out to the outer edges.

When you're pressing, the press cloth should be dry after the 10 count. If it's not dry, you may need to hold the iron a few seconds longer. Be sure to cover the entire pattern piece especially the edges. Be patient, this is not a fast process but it really makes a huge difference in how your purse turns out. Like I said above, all I did tonight was fuse the interfacings and I worked on it for 90 minutes. Never even stitched a stitch and I was tired...of standing at the ironing board.

I'll report back tomorrow. I'm going to try to get through Bethany's first day post and maybe get caught up with her on Thursday.

Until later ~


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