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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Two Pattern Testers for Molly

I really wanted someone other than me to sew my Molly Handbag pattern before I put it out in the world. I spent a lot of time on it and think the instructions are good but how do I really know? What makes sense to me could be gobblity-goop to someone else. It's a little intimidating. So I took my need to the masses and posted a request for someone to test my pattern on Twitter. The next morning Sarah answered my request.

Sarah lives in the U,K. and her blog is called Tilly Mint Boutique. She's only been on Twitter for three weeks and is probably as surprised as me about how easy it is to forge relationships and business deals on Twitter. 

Sarah has already started blogging about her new project, check out her post Meet Molly.

Then this morning I was following some new people on Twitter and Bev just happened to be one of them. Noticing that I had followed her, she saw my tweet for a patten tester and emailed me. Bev is from Oklahoma City and has been sewing all her life. She writes for some of the big retail stores' websites. Her blog is called 44th Street Fabric and she has a fabric shop on Etsy at

Bev has some really cute quilts on her site and there's a sneak peek of some Tussie Mussie fabric that is to die for. And don't miss the Jennifer Jangles patterns, they are so cute! I could make some serious Christmas gifts with those.

Anyway, stay tuned as I'm not going to wait for the patten testers to finish their work, I'm going to post the pattern for give-away some time this week or next weekend. I'm so excited!!

Oh and P.S. - if you're not already following me on Twitter, as of this moment I am only 29 followers away from 1000! I'd love see 1000 this weekend and appreciate the follow.

Till later ~


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