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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Inspiration - Where Does It Come From

Everyday, everywhere, your day is filled with visual input. As you drive down the street to go to work, walk your dog through the neighborhood, surf the internet, watch TV, or have a vivid dream at night, there are millions of things you see everyday. Some of these items are so routine, you don't even notice them. Others are so horrific, you don't want to notice them. Some are so beautiful you can't forget them. And still others are so unique you want them to part of your life.

Inspiration comes from anywhere you let it. Shapes, colors, patterns, feelings, all give inspiration if you let it in. When creating handmade items, inspiration is not copying another item, inspiration is seeing another item and transferring the lines or feeling of that item to what you're making. For example, I wrote in a past post about how, in church one Sunday, I noticed all the young girls had ruffles on their clothing. That inspired me to use a ruffle on the purse pattern I was going to make. I didn't copy a single item, but I incorporated a feature of the items I saw into my project, in my own way.

Likewise a feeling can be inspirational. A visit to a quaint town while on vacation might inspire you to add a touch of whimsy to the next item you make, where before, nothing you made was whimsical. Love and pain often inspires songwriters and it could inspire you as well. What do you think of when you think about being head over heels in love, the image created in your head may have a line, color, or words that could be used in your next project.

At the end of the day, we have so much to inspire us but we must open our eyes and be mindful of our surroundings and feelings.Take notice each and every day and let the beauty of simple things enter your heart.  Your creations will naturally take on the beauty of what inspires you and you'll never run out of new ideas.

P.S. A dress I saw on TV the other night has become the inspiration for my next purse pattern! I sketched it out this morning, I didn't want to forget my thoughts. Whenever an inspiration sparks an idea for a future creation, be sure to write it down or sketch it out right away as ideas can be fleeting. Keep a notebook with you at all times, stop make notes, sketches, etc. when it happens as you don't want to forget what it was that gave you your inspiration.

Are there certain things that inspire your creations? Are there places you go, things you do, items you look for to give you inspirational input? Comment below and let's discuss!

Until later ~


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