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R.Kay Design: Moving Blog to Wordpress - Part 1

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Moving Blog to Wordpress - Part 1

I mentioned in an earlier post that I want to move this blog to Wordpress on it 's one domain. I've set-up Wordpress blogs before, it's rather easy, however, I feel this install is going to be a bit more difficult as I've never moved from Blogger to Wordpress, I've only started fresh with Wordpress.

I started the process today.  I have a hosting account with Westhost that allows unlimited domains. I've had it for a long time and have tried other websites that I eventually lost interest in (because they were about topics that I was not passionate about I'm sure). Anyway, the hosting account had been set-up under the domain name Awhile back, I missed the email telling me it was time to renew the name and I lost it. So I had no idea how to access my hosting - so the process began.

I called Westhost and they told me I could use the IP address to access the site. Great! I got to work. I set-up the new website space and uploaded Wordpress. When I tried to install it, I got an error that the database needed to be updated. That took an hour on Instant Messenger with the tech help person, Neil. He was great, but the first install didn't work. We had to uninstall and the reinstall before it worked. Finally, progress.

So that's as far as I've gotten. Wordpress is on the site that I'm accessing with an IP address instead of a domain name. I'll move the name after I've got everything copied to the new site.

Next step is to design the site layout. I'm going to use a theme called Headway. I purchased it several years ago with a developer's license so I'll just need to download the newest version and refresh my memory on how to use it. More on that after I get started.

So, it appears I'll be spending tomorrow night and most of the weekend getting this done. Once done, I'll set-up the sign-up box so my new Molly Handbag pattern can be downloaded. Remember, I'm giving it away!

Oh, that reminds me, is there anyone out there that wants to test the pattern and write a review on their blog? I'm willing to pay for the review. If you're interested, send me an email at nikkiraes at yahoo dot com and let's talk.

More later ~


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