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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Molly Sew-Along - Cutting Out Everything

I got started on our Molly Handbag Sew-Along this morning by cutting out all the pieces. I took a ton of pictures so I thought I'd just tell a little but about each pic and let the pictures speak for themselves.

Before I get started I want to post a couple of questions that my pattern tester, Sarah at Tilly Mint Boutique, asked this morning so in case you have the same question you'll see the answers before you get started.

Question 1 -
I am currently working my way through the Molly pattern and just wanted to check something. I have cut out 2 pieces of interlining for the main body and 2 for the top band. However in the instructions it says apply the interfacing to all cut piecese. Do I need 4 pieces of interfacing (main body and alos top band) or do I just apply the interfacing to the 2 lining pieces? and then just the fleece to the exterior fabric? Hope this makes sense! The fabric colours look great and cant wait to get sewing!

Answer 1 - 
When I refer to interfacing in the pattern, I'm referring to both woven interfacing and fleece interfacing. Basically, the fleece is used on the exterior pieces (2 main body and 2 top band) and the woven is used for the lining (2 main body and 2 top band) and fleece is also used on the strap.

Question 2 - 
Another quick question! What is the seam allowance for sewing together the sides and base of the exterior?

Answer 2 - 
I really feel dumb for leaving this off. All seam allowances are 3/8" except for the seam between the top band and the main body. Since the ruffle is inserted there, I felt like a little extra room was needed.

Now, on to the sew-along. Today was cutting day.
Fleece - I buy by the bolt. So I cut off 1/2 yd like the Material List calls for.

I folded lengthwise so I could cut two pieces on the fold at one time.

See, there are two folds.

First I squared up the end and then cut the piece for the strap. It was 2-1/2 inches x 54 inches which is the width of the fabric. I later cut that down to 29 inches.

I know there are scissors there but I use a rotary cutter.

I wanted to use the straight edge for the bottom cut so I flipped the pattern over.

Then after cutting the main body piece there was a perfect cut for the bottom edge of the top band.

So I used it and placed the top band on the cut I had just made when cutting the main body piece. Remember, this is folded twice so you only have to cut if out once and get two pieces.

All done with the fleece. Not much left, why do I feel like I need to save it?
Now the woven interfacing. Again, I buy by the bolt. It's only 20 inches wide and not folded. I cut off 7/8 yd like the Material List said.

I folded lengthwise so I have a fold.

Then I folded it in half crosswise, so there are two folds. A little different than the fleece which was so wide. This is not wide enough to fold twice lengthwise.

See, I folded it in half one time lengthwise, and one time crosswise.

I squared the end.

And cut out the main body piece. I used the squared end as the cut for the bottom edge of the main body piece.

Then I used the curved cut I made for the main body piece for the edge of the top band piece.

Again, not much left over.

Now it's time to cut the exterior main body fabric.

It comes folded once lengthwise, I folded it again lengthwise. Matching the manufacturer's fold to the selvage. The new fold I created now has two folds and I can cut two pieces at one time.

It's hard to see but the cut was not straight, however, I still got 18 inches, so I squared up the end.

Squaring up the end so it is straight. I want to use the end cut as one cut side of my ruffle.

TIME OUT - I grazed my finger against the rotary cutter blade when I was wiping some fray from the mat. Ouch! I didn't show you the blood. I was so flustered I forgot to take a pic of cutting the main body piece of the exterior fabric. Oh, well, it's just like the lining and interfacing. You cut two at the same time on the fold you made when you folded lengthwise.
Here, after squaring the end, I'm cutting a strip 10 inches wide. Later I trimmed it down to 10 x 14 inches. This is for the inside zipper pocket.

Well, it looks like I missed shooting a pic of cutting the main body. I guess I was still flustered by the finger cut. I also noticed that I bought too much fabric. I think I purchased 3/4 yd and should have bought 2/3 yd. That's what I get for working from memory.

Okay, now on to the contrasting fabric that will be used for the top band and strap. Here, after squaring up the end of my fabric, I'm cutting a strip 5 inches wide for my strap. This piece will be 44" long (the width of the fabric), after cutting off the selvages, I will cut that down to 29".
Making the cut for the strap.
I folded the fabric lengthwise again just like I did for the interfacings and main body pieces so I could cut two at a time on the fold. For the top band, I need four pieces, so after cutting one, I moved the pattern piece and cut another. And that's it, I'm done cutting.

That's it for today. Tomorrow I will fuse the interfacing to the cut pieces. I'm also going to help my 23 year old daughter make a dress. She doesn't sew, at least not yet, but is really excited about making this dress. We purchased the fabric today and made the bodice in muslin adjusting the size somewhat so it fit her correctly. Tomorrow, that and my fusing is our project. Wish me luck - with teaching my daughter that is!

Until tomorrow ~


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At September 3, 2011 at 10:24 PM , Blogger Reba said...

If anyone wants to post what they've done so far just post here. Or if you have any questions, ask away.

We also have a Flickr group called Molly Handbag Sew Along. Just go to Flickr and search for the group, join, and then you can upload photos too.


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