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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Featured On Petite Hermine and Pinterest

To my surprise today, my Uptown Molly Sew-Along was featured at Petite Hermine! Jen at Petite Hermine has a nice site where she runs a linky party and features other artists. It was really nice to see Molly front and center ~ thank you Jen!

Follow Me on PinterestI also joined Pinterest today and OMG! A person can really get addicted. I couldn't believe it when I connected my Twitter account and all of a sudden I was following over 600 people! I don't quite have that many following me back yet but all day the emails flooded my inbox with people following back. Wow, I'm really going to find some cool stuff on there and will definitely write about it here. If you want to follow my pins, just click the logo over there on the right.

So anyway, I still don't have my computer back from the repair guy. He should bring it back tomorrow but then I'll have a ton of work reloading my programs and restoring my data. I'll get back on the and post as soon as I have everything done.

Until later ~


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